Ballistics by the inch

Coming Attractions.

Just a quick note – crunching the data from the most recent tests is about done, and we’ll also be doing some revamping of the BBTI website.

But more important than that, this weekend we’ll finally be doing the .22 caliber BBTI chop tests that people have been asking about for years. We’re testing ten different .22 ammos (from .22 short on up) as well as benchmarking almost a score of ‘real world’ guns with the same ammo. Should be a fun weekend!

Things to look forward to!

Jim Downey

June 10, 2011 - Posted by | Anecdotes, Data, General Procedures


  1. […] And now I need to wrap up another article (this is a fun one, on guns in Science Fiction) and then get on the road for another weekend of BBTI testing. […]

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  2. […] BBTI testing went great this weekend – and we have a lot of data people are going to be very happy to see. […]

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