Ballistics by the inch


That’s how many visitors we had to BBTI in the last year. And the number has been rising steadily — last month it was averaging 873 a day (total of 27,055) where in October of 2011 it was 456 (total of 14,144). So far this month it has been 945 a day on average.

As it happens, soon the company which we host the site on is going to switch the available analytical software, so such comparisons are likely to change again (as they did when we completely revamped the site a year ago), but that is not a big deal. We know we’re getting significant traffic, we know we’re getting cited a lot, we know we’re getting support from those who find our site useful — that’s all that matters. On the last point, I want to thank everyone who has donated $$$ to the site over the last year — you’ve managed to cover the out-of-pocket costs of hosting the site, and that is very much appreciated.

In terms of citations, here’s the top ten list of referrers over the last year (excluding search engines):


And of course tons of other places large & small have used us to educate, to start & settle arguments, to help people make informed decisions about their firearms & ammo choices. That was our goal when we set out on this project, and it is very rewarding to have seen it succeed so grandly over the last four years.

Things have been fairly quiet this year in terms of testing, though that doesn’t mean that we’ve stopped our research. As I noted in August we have a whole series planned to look at how the Glock polygonal barrels perform in inch-by-inch chop tests, but a combination of delays on getting the barrels and our individual schedules have moved those tests from this year to next. But look forward to hearing more about them in the new year!

Thanks to one & all — and particularly to my Good Lady Wife who does all our web-work — from the BBTI team.

Jim Downey


November 27, 2012 - Posted by | Anecdotes, Data, Discussion., Links

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