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Looking back over 2017

Time for the traditional New Years post …

Looking back at last year’s post, I see that not a lot has changed. BBTI had a total of 433,673 visitors in 2017. That’s about 14,000 fewer than in 2016, though there was a significant uptick in the monthly numbers towards the end of last year. And there’s a slightly different mix of referring sites this year:

  3. MechTech Systems
  4. The Firearm Blog
  6. Survivalist Boards
  7. reddit
  8. Rimfire Central
  9. Active Response Training
  10. M4 Carbine

I decided to drop Wikipedia this year (along with the various search engines), but it would have been in about the same position as last year. And we saw one of last year’s referring sites — The Firing Line — drop from the list. The two new names are Rimfire Central and M4 Carbine, both active discussion sites. That continues to indicate that BBTI is being cited by real people who are discussing firearms, who are recommending firearms, who are using our data to help make important decisions. Thanks to you all who share our site with others!

As we head into our tenth year, we currently don’t have any plans for new testing. But who knows? If you have a favorite handgun cartridge which you would like to see us revisit … or a new one to recommend … let us know.

And have a great 2018!


Jim Downey

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  1. Love the site. I was researching 38 Special/357 Mag velocities since I am in the market for a lever gun. Originally, I was going for an 18 to 20 inch barrel to get max cartridge capacity. But, the data showed that 38/357 seemed to be optimized at 16″; anything longer slowed down.

    I also looked at the 357 Sig & 40 SW data… since I picked up a discontinued Lone Wolf 9 inch barrel for the Glock. Diddo for a 10mm; someone makes a 10″ barrel for a Glock… (the RONI frenzy got me wondering….)

    Again love the site. I’ll be back to browse other calibers for sure….

    Comment by JOHN | February 11, 2018 | Reply

    • Thanks, John. Be sure to also look over the results on the “cylinder gap” section, where you’ll find a bunch of additional data.

      Particularly for a lever gun, there’s more than just optimum barrel length for power to consider. The longer barrel gives you a bigger sight radius, and also means a longer mag tube (so holds more ammo).

      Good luck!

      Comment by James Downey | February 11, 2018 | Reply

      • I took a gander at the cylinder gap section. Interesting.
        I have a SW 610 (10mm) 6″ and I picked up that 10″ barrel for the Glock 20. It will be interesting on the recoil and velocity on the 10″ semi auto vs a 6″ revolver…

        Comment by JOHN | February 19, 2018

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