Ballistics by the inch

And we’re off!

Well, initial coverage is off to a good start, with a couple of excellent pieces in The Firearm Blog and should also be posting a piece by me about what I think you can conclude from the new .22 data sometime soon.

And I got the following private message from someone very well known and highly respected on one of the major forums:


I’ve got to say that your site really impresses me. I’m sure that most shooters realize how much of an investment in terms of ammunition money is represented in the website, but as an analyst/engineer, I also understand how much time and effort is required to collect and collate data in such a way as to make it easily accessible and useful.

Great work!!

I’m sure in the coming days the news of the relaunch will propagate around the web, but it is always exciting to see it start.

Quick bookkeeping note: last month we had a total of 336,809 hits to the site, bringing the total as of Dec. 1 to 8,110,033. That translates to 12,900 unique visitors, or 45,443 page views. Compared to one year ago, we had 387,198 hit in November 2010, with 13,335 unique visitors and 51,094 page views. December 2010 still remains our high benchmark, with 459,020 hits, 15,622 visitors and 60,799 page hits. Be interesting to see if we can beat that this month! Help spread the word!

Jim Downey

December 2, 2011 - Posted by | .22, Data, Discussion.

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