Ballistics by the inch

Looking ahead.

I usually try to avoid posting things on April 1, since *I* don’t trust hardly anything I see online on April Fools. So I held off, other than the link to my article.

Anyway, some interesting things to report. First off, the numbers. Hits to BBTI have slowed a bit – down to only 350,650 for March. That puts us at 5,759,535 total hits. Even with it slowing down, we should break 6 million total hits sometime before the end of this month.

March had 768 downloads of my complete novel, which means there’s been over 2,000 downloads so far this year, and some 31,000+ total. No, I have no idea when it will be actually published by Trapdoor, so don’t ask.

Writing for has been fun, and seems to have gone well enough. The articles are being well received from what I can tell. I’ve been asked to start also doing ‘Editor Reviews’ of some handguns, and those will start to show up here any day now.

But the big news is that in four weeks we’ll be starting the next round of tests. Yeah, we’re finally going to get to do the ‘cylinder gap’ sequence of tests we have been planning for over a year. From the original post announcing the tests:

Announcing the Cylinder Gap Test!

We’ve had a Single Action Army clone in .357 magnum modified to allow for adjusting the barrel position from a standard 0.006″ to 0.001″ to no gap (barrel snug against the cylinder). We have a dozen or so different ammunition loads in .38/.357, and we’ll be essentially repeating the BBTI procedure for each of these, with the normal gap then the minimum gap then without any gap, starting with an 18″ barrel and going down in increments of one inch to just 1″ . Actually, one slight difference – to make sure we get a better statistical sample, we’ll be firing 10 (ten) rounds of each type of ammunition at each point rather than just 3 (three) as we did with the BBTI tests. Because we are limiting this test to just one caliber, we thought this was a reasonable step to take. We hope that this will allow us to conclude with some actual data what the effect of having a cylinder gap in a revolver actually amounts to.

This is going to be the largest sequence of tests we’ve done – over 7,000 rounds of ammo total. We’re planning on the tests taking most of a week, depending on how things go. I’ll keep you posted with how things are coming together here and on the BBTI Facebook page.

So, there ya go – things to look forward to!

Jim Downey

April 2, 2011 - Posted by | Anecdotes, Data, Discussion., General Procedures


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