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Hmm. Would this work?

Something non-BBTI . . .

I was wondering whether an idea I had would work, if the practice became accepted widely enough. Thought I’d toss it out for consideration. Feel free to comment here, or post/link it elsewhere.

Let’s say you travel by air a fair amount, but not all the time. Let’s say you have a concealed-carry permit which is widely honored in the areas where you travel. Let’s say that you don’t want to have to hassle with the TSA protocols for shipping a firearm (though as I have written previously, there are advantages to doing so). You just want basic protection. But you want basic protection that you are familiar with, and which you are already comfortable carrying.

So, how about you pack your carry holster set-up (whatever it may be) for a type of gun you know and are reasonably sure you could find just about anywhere. It could be just a J-frame, or whatever variety of Glock you like and is fairly universal, maybe a basic 1911 or perhaps an LCP. Whatever. You get to your destination, swing by a large gun shop, and buy one of such gun and a box of shells. Jump through the 4473 hoops, and in 15 minutes you’re out the door with a gun which you’ve never actually shot before, but which you know. You’ve just got a gun there on hand in less time it would take to check and then reclaim your gun at the airport(s).

Simple enough so far. But here’s the other part of the idea: the gun shop will buy back that gun from you at the end of your trip, for close to what you paid for it. Say they make $30 – $50 on the deal, about the same as what they’d make on a simple transfer (and not much more than you’d spend for an extra bag when flying with your own gun). The gun hasn’t been shot. And so long as you take reasonable precautions with it for a couple of days, it incurs no real wear. It is, for all intents and purposes, still brand new.

Would this work? All local and federal laws would be complied with. You save yourself some time and hassle. The shop makes a bit of money, earns good will, and still has a gun they can sell. A network of shops participating in such a service around the country would likely generate increased business.


Jim Downey

December 12, 2010 - Posted by | Discussion.

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  1. As someone pointed out on THR, the laws don’t allow you to just take possession of a gun in a state which is not your state of residence. Which pretty much shoots down the whole idea.

    Ah well, not all my brilliant schemes are actually so brilliant . . .

    Comment by James Downey | December 12, 2010 | Reply

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