Ballistics by the inch

Happy Anniversary Baby!*

This morning I paid $208.30 to GoDaddy to host BBTI for the next two years. So while the site didn’t ‘go live’ until the 27th of November 2008, this is something of an anniversary for us.

Last year I noted what the first year had brought:

One year ago this evening, we sent out the preliminary version of Ballistics By The Inch to a few friends. That day we had a total of 146 hits to the site. Within days, we were getting tens of thousands of hits.

And since then, we’ve had a total of 1,572,698.

146 hits the first day. Compare that to yesterday: 11,560.

Of course, the whole thing really exploded in the following weeks, and December 2008 we had about 303,000 hits. Which has remained our high water mark, though I’m reasonably sure we’ll break that number this month – we have over 270,000 hits already, and this last week the numbers have been averaging over 12,000 per day. With a new magazine article from Concealed Carry Magazine just now hitting mailboxes, those numbers are likely to go up over the next week.

I have completely lost track of all the places where BBTI has been cited now. It’s pretty routine for me to come across links to our site in gun forums – we have become THE reference used around the world for discussions pertaining to bullet velocity from handguns. And while we weren’t able to do the cylinder gap tests we wanted this year (delays in getting the necessary ammunition finally ran into the onset of winter), we were able to conduct a significant set of tests which greatly expanded our .380 data as well as adding in 9mm Makarov and 9mm Ultra cartridges. Still, I would like to thank those at the following sites (excluding search engines and this blog) for helping us have over 2.6 million hits in the last year:


And a very special thanks to my Good Lady Wife for not only putting up with me, but for all the work she has done to make our website easy to use and understand for people all around the globe.

In short, it’s been a great year. All of us on the BBTI team are looking forward to more testing this next year, and the learning and sharing that comes with that. Hope you check in here for updates, and join us on FaceBook for the latest news and information.


Jim Downey

*LRB, of course.

November 26, 2010 - Posted by | Data, Discussion., General Procedures, Links

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