Ballistics by the inch

Yeah, but what about at “x” distance?

I got a great question from “Rob”:

I was wondering – in the course of your work and research, have you developed or seen measured or calculations of bullet velocities at different distances? I’ve seen a couple of articles on long-range trajectories (mostly supersonic rifle rounds) that do the math including ballistic coefficients, weight, velocity, air density, etc. to calculate yaw and a bunch of other obscure things, but nothing I could translate easily to barely supersonic muzzle velocities.

I told him that I wasn’t familiar with an exact formula, but I figured that one such would be available *somewhere* online. “Rob” decided to look further, and I got this from him last night:

I decided to try Google again, with a bit more success than previous attempts. I found a trajectory calculator (actually, a bunch of related calculators) with what looks to be a pretty complete data base. You can feed it either raw data for projectiles or select from a list. I can’t vouch for the accuracy, but looks like they’ve done a nice job. Here’s the link:

I’ve poked around there a bit, and it looks like just the ticket!

So, thanks to “Rob” for his question, and providing an answer. And thanks to the folks at JBM Ballistics for their work and willingness to share it!

Jim Downey

November 11, 2010 - Posted by | Data, Discussion., Links

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