Ballistics by the inch

Keeps plugging along.

Happy October, everyone!

And since it is the start of the month, it’s time to talk numbers.

For Ballistics By The Inch, last month we had 281,920 hits – putting us about 20,000 hits under our all time high of December 2008, when we first launched the site and word spread. That’s not much – at current hit rates, it’s about 2.5 days or one good link at a big gun forum. Whew. And the overall total of hits we’ve seen is 3,525,033 – at this rate, we’ll break 4 million by our second anniversary.

For Communion of Dreams, last month 515 people downloaded the full original novel, 56 people downloaded the revised version, and there were over 160 downloads of at least one of the MP3 files. That puts total actual downloads over 27,000, with something like another 3,000 downloads of at least one of the MP3 files.

Thanks everyone for helping to share the info about both sites!

Jim Downey

(Cross posted on my personal blog.)

October 1, 2010 - Posted by | Data, Discussion.

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