Ballistics by the inch

“I said, ‘Hit Me’.*

Rolling out some stats for June and July . . .

Complete versions of Communion of Dreams were downloaded 780 times in June, and another 692 in July, putting the total a bit shy of 26,000. Whew.

But the real news is with BBTI. On May 23 I wrote this:

Just a quick note: yesterday we crossed 2.5 million hits – total is 2,505,951. We’re averaging over 7,000 hits a day now, and at that rate we’ll break 3 million hits in about 10 weeks.

Well, we haven’t broken 3 million yet. But we will sometime late today, about a week earlier than I predicted. The total as of yesterday was 2,993,557 hits. That breaks down as 192,007 hits in June and 224,458 hits in July. That puts July as the second-highest all time total, with only the first full month the site was up beating it.

Well. Bit stunning, all in all.

Jim Downey

*Victor ‘Boss Vic Koss’ Kosslovich. Cross posted to my blog.

August 1, 2010 - Posted by | Data, Discussion.

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