Ballistics by the inch

Makes me crazy.

So, Saturday I stopped in at my local gun shop, needed to pick up some components for a reloading project yesterday. They were busy, which is good to see, so it took a bit before I had a chance to chat with Dave.

“Had a chance to check out the Ballistics by the inch site yet?”

“No, not yet – busy with the holidays and stuff. You know.”

“No worries.”

“Going well?”

“Yeah, we’ve had over 350,000 hits in the month since it went up.”

“Wow.” Pause. “Um, is that a lot?” (They’re not real big on computers, these guys, which is why there’s just a link to a Yellow Pages listing for them off of our website.)

“Heh. Yeah, that’s a hell of a lot. It’s gotten quite a lot of attention. More and more, I see it cited as a reference when people are talking about this or that caliber performance.”

“Huh. Well, I guess. But everyone knows that it’s just basically 25 fps for each inch of barrel. Simple.”

“Well, no, actually the data we got shows a much greater range . . .”

“Oh, yeah, might be a bit more with some calibers, some weights of bullets and powder charges, but that’s a pretty good rule of thumb.”

Another guy had a question about a lever gun behind the counter, and Dave turned to help him. I took my powder and primers up to the front counter and had the new kid ring me up.

Jim Downey

(Cross posted to my blog.)

January 5, 2009 - Posted by | Anecdotes, Data, Discussion.

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