Ballistics by the inch

Some thoughts from the data graphs

JE  mentioned to me observing some oscillation in some of the graphs. I have spent a little time today working through all of the graphs and have the following thoughts:
– most of any oscillation appears in the “saturation” velocity tail. Since we have not put the “error/spread” bars on the data points I suggest that most of what one sees in the portion of the data is the natural variance in the ammunition.
– the smallest calibers show the biggest effect. With the lightest bullets a small variation in powder should produce a larger variance in the velocity.
– there is some anomaly in combining these two effects in a couple of the calibers. In particular I think it is the .44 spc and .45 colt.
– even with these, one can readily see that some of the ammo has maxed out and is actually slowing in the 18″ barrel.
jim k

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